Spanish online program for executives

Learn Spanish to communicate in Mexico and Latin America

We know how important it is for you to feel confident in your communication with business partners and colleagues in Mexico and Latin America. Since we know you are a professional, we integrate authentic activities that will provide the vocabulary and expressions in Spanish that we use in our business interactions.

In this program, you will learn Spanish that will help you communicate in real-life situations. Develop your abilities and improve your confidence in a professional environment. Get your Spanish training directly to your computer by native Mexican teachers.

How it works

You will learn all four skills of the language: reading, writing, listening and speaking in a practical and meaningful way. Every lesson includes three stages;

Presentation: you will learn how the language is produced, by listening to conversations, watching a video, or reading a text.

Practice: by answering meaningful exercises, you will use the new language through controlled practice.

Production: this is the moment when you will apply your learning in a realistic situation, such as roleplays, dynamics, and communicative activities.

Online Training

  • Specialized teachers
  • 12 levels 60 hours each
  • Learn, practice and produce in every lesson
  • From Beginners to Advanced levels

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Spanish online program for executives

Learn Spanish to communicate in Mexico and Latinamerica.

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